Tahuichi Way Program

Sand Dunes of Santa Cruz


Since 1991, over 2,000 players, male and female, have taken the challenge of the Tahuichi Way Program. Players have come from the USA, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Canada, England, Wales, France, Bermuda, New Zealand and Sweden. All of them highly competitive players, including Francisco Gómez, captain of a US U-17 national team. Francisco was joined by Adam Lee, captain of a Canadian U-17 national team. Both players saw action in FIFA World Cups.

These players are looking for impact. Not just for the moment, but for their entire lives. A commitment towards excellence with a tradition of winning.

Photo: kids from many countries learn the Tahuichi Way

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The Programs

The Tahuichi Way is an intensive, accelerated experience. You must truly love the game and be willing to adapt to change. Your mind must remain open and accept the differences in culture, food, language and intensity of soccer. Applicants should be of competitive caliber. The program is an excellent way to get ready for the season. It is an investment in your future.


Tahuichi Way—New Immersion Program

The four-week Tahuichi Way Program is Tahuichi's most popular international program and now you can experience it anytime of the year. It includes fitness, and technical and tactical training. You will train as an individual as well as with a Tahuichi team. You will learn Spanish and a new culture. You will be totally immersed in all that is Tahuichi. Ultimately, you will discover the magic.

Tahuichi Way Girls

Team Training Programs

The Tahuichi Team Training Programs are specifically designed for teams - high school, club or college. Programs can be scheduled any time of the year and will be customized according to the needs of the team. Players can live in the Tahuichi Academy dorms or in homestays. Tahuichi offers fitness, and technical and tactical training. You can develop power and strength from river training and running on the towering sand dunes of Santa Cruz. Teams that have been to Tahuichi include the Kansas City Wizards, the U.S. U-15 National Team, St. Benedicts High School, the Houstonians FC and Long Island University. For more information, please contact Cony Konstin at (503) 627-9001, Pacific Time.


Two Week Team Training – Team Applications

One Month Tahuichi Way – Individual Applications

Please contact Cony Konstin for details at (503) 627-9001 PST.


Please contact Cony Konstin for details at (503) 627-9001 PST.

Eligibility: Males: 13 to 22 years. Females: 15 to 22 years. Goalkeepers get special attention.
To enroll:

Please contact Cony Konstin for details at (503) 627-9001 PST.

Video: See The Tahuichi Way Program in action!
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